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About The Lover Collection

The Lover Collection is a program that we launched in January 2020. It is designed for wildly in love, adventurous at heart, and all around super rad couples that are looking to take part in an epic photographic experience.

Jack & I started dating when we were 19. Just like any solid teenage relationship, we were obsessed with taking photos together (so many selfies). As we got older it seemed that we took less and less photos together. Selfie-ing somehow became harder, there was all of a sudden less time in the day, and by the time we thought about taking a photo the moment had totally passed. Then every time I wanted to post a picture of us or print out a new one there was never any to choose from except all of our old ones!

So, here we are creating The Lover Collection. For all of the lovers out there that somehow never get a good picture together. For the lovers that can’t get enough pictures together. For all of the raddest couples that want to fearlessly show off their love. This is for you.

So here are the deets...

The Lover Collection accepts 10 couples each year. Each couple receives a free, styled, 45 minute photoshoot every other month for the calendar year for a total of 6 FREE Sessions. Each session is tailored to the couple to create a whole experience every time. It may be at a brewery or playing in the sand at a beach but we work to create more than just a session ( hello curated date).

Every session comes with a custom digital gallery filled with beautiful, hand edited, high-res images. You choose your favorite 10 images to download for free. Want more than 10? You have the option to purchase any additional favorites.

Meet our 2020 Couples

Jill & Dylan

Paige & Daniel

Addison & Bennett

Laura & Ben

Jenna & Matt

Nicole & Zackary

Ashley & Steve

Isabelle & Paul

Laura & Tim