Living in Connecticut, winter is basically from late November to mid-March. If it's a winter like the one we are having this year, then everything is also on the dull brown side. Nothing like extremely cold weather and no snow to show for it! So whether you are in a place where it's super snowy in the winter or just very "dead" looking, I want to show you that you can still have an amazing session in the winter!

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Here are my five tips to plan & have one of the best winter sessions ever:

  1. Be part of the planning process with your photographer. As the photographer, I have a list in my head of great session locations, and even session ideas that I would love to try. I always encourage my couples to be part of the planning process by sending out a questionnaire. My questionnaire helps me get to know them & also allows my couples to share ideas they may have or tell me ideas that they definitely want to stay away from. If your photographer doesn't send or ask as part of their process, make sure you keep the communication line open! Ask them what ideas they have, about the locations they are suggesting, and voice any concerns you may have. I work with some couples that absolutely thrive out in the cold, so doing something outdoors isn't worrisome. Other couples can't stand the cold, so I might focus on a location that allows us to be indoors either most the time or the entire time.
  2. Invest in hand & foot warmers. Winter clothing isn't always the most flattering, which means that many times my couples go without coats or anything with warmth. To help combat this I always suggest that my couples invest in some foot and hand warmers for their session. The best thing about foot warmers is that we definitely wont be taking off shoes so they can stay in the whole session to help keep your feet warm. Put them in your shoes right before the beginning of the session, before you get out of the car. Hand warmers are great for certain poses & I always have a bag on me to keep extras. Hands down (no pun intended) a great $10 investment to help make a chilly session so much more enjoyable!
  3. Bring a thermos filled with your fave hot drink. You know how when you go sledding/skiing/snow boarding or go watch a hockey game someone always suggests getting a cup of hot cocoa cause it'll warm your insides? Well it's super true. If you're doing a winter session outside there is really nothing better than being able to enjoy a cup of your fave hot drink to keep you warm. Bonus points if you bring some really cute mugs to get the most adorable photos.
  4. Layers are your friend! No matter what style you're going for, you can always layer. If you're doing a more casual session where you'll being wearing a sweater, jeans, and boots, then bring a bag of cute winter hats and scarves! Layers can also mean wearing a great pair of knee high boots and knee high socks under. For guys, think stylish sports coats or jackets.
  5. Props for warmth. Remember, cute hats & scarves are perfect go to props. They can easily be added or taken away to get a good mix of photos. Don't forget a really cute blanket! There's nothing like cuddling up to your lover under a stylish warm blanket for a few shots to regain some warmth. Add in those hot cocoa mugs, hello #instagramworthy. Get creative with your props and think outside of the box. For one of my most recent sessions it was insanely cold, so we decided to go to a park with grills and create a fire for some s'mores. It was fun for everyone, definitely an adventure, and helped to warm up my couple.

I think there is this huge misconception that photoshoots should only be done during the warmer, pretty months. I strongly urge you to break out of your comfort zone a little and try a winter session. When you work with a photographer that you can trust to take care of you during your session, it will be one of the greatest experiences in your relationship.

Think you're ready to try out a creative winter session with me? I've got the hand warmers ready. Let's chat!

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