Jack & I started dating in April 2014 when we were both nineteen. We were college students with part time jobs focused on adventures, concerts, and just living during our free time. The amount of selfies I have of the two of us from the first couple of years together are insane... you would definitely think I had a selfie problem if you went through my phone.

Then we were working full time, moving into our first apartment, and all of the pictures stopped. We would take some here and there, but no where near the amount we took when we first started dating. Even during our year and a half of being engaged we barely took any pictures because life was just so crazy. Honestly, if I wasn't so luck to connect with Tonya from Par Le Mer Photography, I don't think we would even have engagement pictures!

(This is us as little bb's when we took pictures all the time)

So once all the job transition, wedding planning, general life craziness settled down, I really got to thinking. We can't be the only couple that this happens too. So I started being that weird person that asked everyone how many pictures they took with their significant other (on average per month). The ones that were in newer relationships had a decent amount of pictures to show off, but then there were the ones that either didn't like to take selfies or were past that honeymoon take pictures all the time phase.

That was when I realized that as couples, we are really missing out on capturing memories. I know people say that we should just enjoy the experiences we are in when going on dates or adventures with our loved one; but as time goes on those memories get a little faded. Think about how many pictures you have from when you're a kid. Sure you remember a lot of those times, and they are super fond memories. Then you look at those pictures and nostalgia like no other comes rushing in. It's a whole different experience looking at that memory than just thinking about it.

So I decided to create The Lover Collection. Made for couples madly and wildly in love that are open to having styled dates with their own paparazzi (me). I want to work with couples that will let me push the creative boundaries with them & are open to having a whole date planned out for them. Couples that are willing to get a little intimate and steamy in front of my camera, knowing that they get to keep a handful of these images to look back on.

What's even crazier about this project of mine? I'm opening it up to 10 couples that are willing to commit to 6 photoshoot throughout the calendar year. Even crazier? They're all free. That's right. I want to give back 60 sessions in total to help couples document a year together.

So if you're a super rad couple looking to document your love & open to showing off with lots of kisses, go learn more about The Lover Collection!

Keep scrolling to get an idea of what The Lover Collection looks like.