girls night

June 15th Collective

My heart is filled with so much hope, happiness, and pretty much any other positive word out there. Our June 15th Collective has come and gone, but it was a night filled with forever memories. If you are just tuning in, this summer we have embarked on a mission to spread Women Empowerment throughout Fairfield County and beyond.


I absolutely loved seeing this groups of gals (most of them not knowing each other) connect and lift one another up. It’s not easy being in front of the camera, especially with a group of people around you that you may not be comfortable with. By the end of the two hours, everyone was laughing together, making jokes together, and creating memories together.

I think that it is truly a magical thing, watching women empower one another instead of tearing each other down. We have really turned into a society where judgements are second nature and comparisons are a daily activity. I am so honored to have captured a night where all of us fought against that. Instead we complimented one another on the styles that made each individual feel beautiful. We helped one another break out of our comfort zones to have fun with strangers. We jammed out to old school Britney Spears because what’s a girls night without a little Britney?


Since the June 15th Collective went so well, I am even more excited for the rest of the summer collectives. Our next Collective is on July 27th from 6pm-8pm at Huntington State Park. If you’re looking for a different kind of girls night, grab a friend and sign up for a spot (or come alone and make some new pals)! I promise, you’ll laugh and love yourself like never before. You will experience a night of magic and witness the power of women empowering women.