Hey, Hey!

My name is Kat (or Katerina if you prefer the longer version). I am and always have been a huge hopeless romantic. I am totally that person that would have my life be a musical if possible, turn every moment into a clip from a show, and dream up the most elaborate stories. My head may be in clouds most of the time, but it drives the passion in my heart and allows me to create a masterpiece for my clients.

When I started this photography thing in 2015, I didn’t know what I wanted it to become. At the time I was a Social Media Intern for a wedding photographer feature business. I was constantly inspired by the love stories the photos told. Half way through my internship, I was cleaning out some old boxes and came across an old camera from high school. Taking all that inspiration from the stories I was publishing each week, I started to take photos of those around me. Within a month I knew my calling was to tell the stories of those all around the world. The love stories, the life stories, and everything in between.

Today, I am thrilled to be able to have turned my passion into my full time job. Helping you tell your story isn’t something I take lightly. I put my whole heart and mind behind it so that you will have forever keepsakes. My clients are more than just clients. They are my tribe, my friends, my community.

*Photos of Jack and I taken by Par Le Mer Photography

Kat Drake Photography is absolutely amazing. My husband and I wanted some photos for our wedding thank you cards separate from the photos taken the day of our wedding. They went above and beyond! Katerina has an eye for beauty and you can tell she really enjoys getting the perfect shots. Her artistic vision made my husband and I feel even more in love.
— Valerie B.